It's That Time of Year!

09 November 2015

Clara // Nila Holden Cookies & BiscuitsI absolutely love this time of year when it gets dark around 4:30 pm and the weather gets unbearably windy (yes I'm crazy) and I can't wait until it's freezing cold - no, I'm not kidding! Probably because I love wearing woolly jumpers, coats, hats and chunky socks (layers and layers are my thing!). As I'm typing this blogpost, I can hear the wind from the outside (I kind of enjoy listening to the sound of it) and I'm drinking a cup of Cinnamon tea (3rd cup), eating dark chocolate (way too much), listening to this (my new obsession is Richard Hawley), feeling so warm and comfy and re-reading this paragraph for the sixth time, trying to figure out what I really want to say. Hah, it's one of those days that I can't even write one sentence, let alone a whole paragraph! But I finally did it, quite happy now!
I'm in a very festive Christmasy kind of mood right now; my holiday starts in a week (yes!) and I'm very excited about all the handmade decorations which I'm going to buy (you'd better get ready, Debit Card!). I've found a lot of beautiful stuff on not on the high street and I thought I'd share them with you and put you in a festive mood (if you're not in that kind of mood yet!).
P.S. These ice skating boots hanging decoration are from Lisa Angel Homeware & Gifts
Lights 4 Fun // Twenty-Seven
The Forest & Co // Red Lilly
Oakdene Designs // Array Collection
Ditto // The Wedding of My Dreams
Song of The Seam
Harrow & Green
^^ Personalised Christmas sacks by Harrow & Green. ^^
The Little Boys Room // Ginger Ray
Mini-U // Ginger Ray
^^ Mini-U || Ginger Ray ^^ 
The Little Boys Room // Marquis & Dawe
The Contemporary Home // Primrose & Plum
Sophia Victoria Joy // The Christmas Home
Posh Totty Designs Interiors // JG Artwork
Chunkichilli // Sophia Victoria Joy
Allihopa // Sophia Victoria Joy
The Wedding of My Dreams // Clothkat

Good night! xx

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