Interiors Inspiration! (Good Reads #5)

21 October 2015

Design Bloggers At Home
Happy hump day dear reader (can you repeat this sentence five times as fast as you can? I just did and I sounded ridiculous! haha...)! It's drizzling outside (very dark and miserable to be more clear) and I'm making Christmas greeting cards, drinking a cup of Cinnammon tea (as Pukka says on the package, "A tea to capture the swirling glow of cinnamon - feel its warm embrace filling you with life." quite a heart-warming description that is!) and listening to some not so great music, but I'm too lazy to leave my chair and press the 'next song button' (no idea what you call that button... you know which one I'm talking about)! Just in case you're a tad curious about what I'm listening to right now: Err... Great American Novel by Max Jury (I thought it was actually a girl singing it until I saw the music video!) and It's quite a depressing song! Not to mention, I sometimes intentionally listen to depressing music just to make myself more miserable on gloomy days (just kidding)!
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, well, "hello!" and also share this lovely book by Ellie Tennant who meets the characters behind the leading design blogs, exploring their stunning cosy homes and their smart styling ideas and blogging tips. Some of the inspiring bloggers who have been featured in the book are: My Scandinavian Home, Vosges Paris, Dreamy Whites, SF Girl By Bay and Happy Mundane (to name a few!). The book is divided into different styles of design such as Pared Back, Rustic, Retro Chic, Homespun, Colour Fun and there's also a section about 'creating your own blog' which I found it quite helpful. Nothing else to say really... gotta go and drink my tea! :)

Have a lovely Wednesday! xx

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