Happy Weekend! (Good Reads #4)

16 October 2015

Beautifully Small
Happy Friday everyone! Since yesterday, my laptop has decided to stop working and this morning, I hopelessly tried like hundred times to turn it on, but there was something wrong with the charger or probably the plug (I really don't know), so I ordered a new charger from Amazon anyway and I'm pretty sure that my laptop will start working before my new charger arrives! Anyway, if I don't post anything on my blog for a few days, then I'll become lazy and won't post anything for a couple of weeks, then I'll drift into 'procrastination stage' and who knows when I will blog ever again. So here's a little post in order to keep my 'blog momentum' going (thanks to my iPad)!
If you're looking for a nice 'coffee-table-book' or you're simply fascinated by beautiful tiny spaces (like me), then definitely get this book; Beautifully Small is a great guide to making the most of even the tiniest spaces (very tiny indeed). I absolutely love the ideas offered by Sara Emslie and I particularly love her own house (a classic British Victorian terraced two-up, two-down) which is featured in the book; it's a really pretty house with a rustic-aesthetic to it. I think it's lovely to see how you can turn a small space into a practical, comfortable, beautiful and cosy home and this book is definitely a great kick-start for generating inspiration and ideas to do so!

Have a wonderful weekend!xx

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