All The Things I Walk Past When Commuting To Work!

12 October 2015

Hither Green
Recently, I came across Ali Edwards' blog and I found it very interesting and inspiring. She is a designer, blogger, workshop instructor and author of four books about memory keeping and she is well known for capturing everyday life with pictures and words (those moments that literally pass by in an instant). There are few projects on her blog that I want to try, such as One Little Word, Day in the Life, Week in the Life, Scrapbooking and December Daily.
One of my favourite projects is the one-day documentary project; It's a shorter duration 'memory keeping' (compared to 'Week in the Life') and a way to connect to the rhythm of your day. So this is how it works; there are a few questions to ask yourself when documenting your day: What do you do over the course of a single day? Where do you go? What do you eat? Who do you talk to? You can also think about in terms of the "subject" of your day; Do you focus on yourself or a particular experience? Do you mix it up? It's all up to you! The beauty of this project is in capturing the 'boring' everyday details.
This weekend, I thought I would take pictures of my commute to work (basically what I see on my way to work). I think it's a little bit challenging to document my whole day, but it's a great way to see which parts of my day need a little bit more structure and time-management. So to start off, I thought my commute would be a great warm up before plunging into the Day in the Life project.
This project made me pay close attention to what I see and feel when going to work. Not to mention, there was no rush hour on Saturday and Sunday, so I could stop and snap whenever I wanted without someone crashing into me! ;)
Off to work; my first route is to get a train to Charing Cross (it takes 20 minutes) and walk from there all the way to Marylebone Lane (it takes around 35 minutes). That's our big Mulberry tree!
Lee Green
Lee Green
On the way to Hither Green station!
Waiting for the train!
Hither Green station!
^^ The platform is not like this on Monday mornings - it's packed with grumpy people! ^^
On the South Eastern train!
Lucky to see London Eye everyday!
Charing Cross // Trafalgar Square
Piccadilly Circus
Whole Foods Market
^^ I usually pop into Whole Foods Market to rummage around a bit! ^^
Regent St. // Oxford St.
Marylebone Lane
Marylebone Lane
^^ A few lovely shops on Marylebone Lane! ^^
Marylebone LaneI love this 'red' pub on Marylebone Lane and I don't know many times I've looked into that piano shop! I know all the prices by heart now. A cool £62,000 for this one!
London Bridge underground!
This is my second route to work (when there's no bloody trains to Charing Cross). I go to London Bridge and I take the underground to Baker Street! Although I usually whinge a lot when I find out that there's no trains to Charing Cross, but I actually like this route and I enjoy walking from Chiltern Street to Marylebone highstreet. There are few cool shops on Chiltern Street and my favourite coffee shop The Monocle Café
Just outside Baker Street station!
Chiltern Street
Chiltern Street
^^ Chiltern Street! ^^ Chiltern Street
Chiltern Street
^^ A very crazy window display (left)! ^^
Chiltern Street
Chiltern Firehouse
Marylebone Farmers' Market
^^ Marylebone Farmers' Market on Sundays! Had a little look in the market as well. ^^
Marylebone Farmers' Market
Marylebone Farmers' Market
Marylebone Farmers' Market
Marylebone Farmers' Market
Daylesford I sometimes grab a Soya Latte from Daylesford on my way to work (the last place I pop into)! 
The Shard; my view from London Bridge platform!
^^ Heading home! ^^

" There is something so awesome and wholehearted about capturing the "everydayness" of the lives we lead - no matter what phase we are in - with or without kids, boring or out-of-your-mind-busy. Beauty exists in all those phases and I hope I continue to embrace, celebrate and live that truth throughout the rest of my life." - Ali Edwards

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