A Few Lovely Shops I Found On Etsy! #2

19 October 2015

Paterson and Salisbury
I think I 'love and hate' Etsy at the same time; I've realised how difficult it is to find a handful of great shops that I'd really really like! A great style of photography (which is quite rare on Etsy) is what really catches my eye and then the wonderful products of course and to find a designer-maker who ticks off both categories (product and photography) is quite a challenge. I know that there are probably thousands of outstanding shops on Etsy, but it takes time to find them. So these are my current favourite shops which I found while rummaging on Etsy (I've lost count of how many times I used the word 'Etsy'!) every night (I know!) since last week.
P.S. This lovely leather tote bag is from Paterson and Salisbury!
^^ Lovely notebooks from TheTwentyFingers! ^^
Choice Cuts
^^ I love these leather watch bands from Choice Cuts! ^^
^^ Loop Design Studio ^^
^^ 2of2 - home of glowing ghost houses and other little geometric structures! ^^
^^ I adore these tiny sculptures by Murtiga! ^^ 
Philomena Kloss
^^ Primitive tweed teddy bears and foxes by Philomena Kloss! ^^
^^ Simple linen pieces for home by not PERFECT LINEN! ^^
Art and Manufacture
Free Folding
Linen Home Shop
^^ Linen Home ^^

Have a wonderful Monday! xx

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