Life Lately and a Little Bit of Inspiration From Taza!

14 September 2015

Once again I was inspired by Taza's new blogpost; I absolutely love her blog. She's one the most inspiring person I've ever seen. Taza, thanks for spreading love and optimism through your blog. It's so wonderful to be reminded of the beauty in our ordinary days. She shared a wonderful quote and I thought I'd share it with you... 
" Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in the quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so." - Mary Jean Irion 
Honestly, every time I read this quote, I get really emotional (like tears welling up in my eyes... I know!) and I just want to hug my day tightly and thank her for all that it is and remind myself that I have the choice this very moment, the only moment I have for certain. I hope that I'm not so wrapped up in trivial stuff that I forget to really enjoy myself. I hope that when I look back and remember today as the day I decided to make every one count. Every day brings a chance to draw in a breath... to live free of regret and filled with as much fun, joy and laughter as you can stand. Life is full of delightful moments, if we take a moment to appreciate them (and take a few photos along the way). Here's a few pictures of my ordinary days if you'd like to see... 
Andy doesn't enjoy being on the train!
Out and About in Swansea!
Out and About in Swansea!
Out and About in Swansea!
Wedding time!
Our beautiful hotel and the wedding venue!
Suited and Booted!
Selfie with Andy's mum!
Wedding day!
The beautiful Bradford on Avon!
The Orange Pimlico never disappoints!
^^ Our favourite place to eat; I love every bit of The Orange, yes, even the windows... haha! ^^
At The Orange with my bestie!
At The Orange with my bestie!
At The Orange with my bestie!
Never stops pulling faces!
Rope Walk Food Market!
Rope Walk Food Market!
Little moments!
Out and About in Blackheath!
One Lazy Saturday!
Flowers. Flowers. I love you!
^^ When I see flowers, I always have to take a few snaps of them! ^^
Feet up in our local coffee shop!
Andy chilling at "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"!
Everything mis-matched!
^^ Our lovely local coffee shop You Don't Bring Me flowers. I think the name is quite cool! ^^
Little things!
^^ Andy's friend came over with his adorable daughters... one nice sunny weekend! ^^
These two! I love them...
I love how kids draw!
Bubbles... Life is so fragile!
My sister // Me standing awkwardly in Soho!
^^ Everyone's trying to get Effie's attention! ^^
Pretty City London!
Pretty City London!
^^ I love Regent's St. in July, because every Sunday it turns into a pedestrian-friendly street! ^^
Important moments // coffee time and nationality check!
Always happy after a haircut!
^^ New haircut done by Kei at Windle & Moodie! ^^
My best friend since we were 9!
^^ One crazy night with one crazy friend! ^^
My best friend since we were 9!
My best friend since we were 9!
Spice land!
^^ Probably my favourite spot in Borough Market at the moment! ^^
Love you...
London, you're even more beautiful at night!

Have a nice Monday! xx

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