An Unexpected Visitor!

07 September 2015

Such a cute visitor!
We had a cheeky visitor this weekend for the second time. Unfortunately I was not at home, but Andy managed to take a bunch of photos of him (I could literally feel how excited Andy was, because most of the pictures were blurry!). I can't believe that the fox even looked into the camera without freaking out, because I saw one rummaging around in our garden few weeks ago, properly taking his time sniffing everything and as soon as he saw me he disappeared so fast that I thought he was struck by the lightening or something! But this cheeky Mr. Fox was quite brave, or probably too sleepy to care. Well, I'm glad that he feels safe in our little garden and the more I look at these pictures, the more I feel the urge to give him a pillow and a blankie... and probably a cup of tea afterwards! 
Mr. Fox!
Ready to take a nap!
Ready to take a nap!
Sleepy Mr. Fox!

Come back soon Mr. Fox (or Mrs. Fox)... We love you!  :)

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