A Sneaky Peek into our Little Garden!

03 September 2015

Our little garden!
This morning, I went through the pictures that I'd taken from our garden and thought that maybe I should listen (for once!) to Andy's idea of blogging about what he's growing (I kind of help with watering the plants and enjoy eating them!). He's so enthusiastic about growing vegetables that sometimes it really makes me laugh the way he cares and "talks" (specially in the morning while sipping at his coffee) to his plants in the garden. What I love most about this whole gardening thing is when I see Andy in the garden re-potting the plants with a big smile that radiates some sort of "achievement"! Every day, he'd literally tell me at least one thing about how his vegetables are coming along. 
At the moment, we are (I say "we" because I love to be involved in this "gardening" business!) growing cucumbers, chard, lettuce, radishes, chillies, kale, runner beans and zucchini, although we harvested only one zucchini and then the plant died :(! Summer as usual has flown by and we're harvesting the last batches of our vegetables and already thinking about what to grow next year. I think gardening is really growing on me :). If I could have an apple tree and some cherry tomatoes and strawberries I'd be the happiest... one day I will! 
Our little garden!
Chard and some herbs!
Kale and chard
^^ Kale and chard going strong! ^^
^^ We ordered these gnomes from ebay and they've been behaving so far! ^^
Blooming garden!
^^ Experimenting with my camera! ^^
Blooming garden!
Blooming garden!
Little details!
Organic lettuce for our salad!Summer and salads go hand in hand! and lettuce is actually quite easy to grow, according to Andy! ;)
Some chillies!
^^ We were waiting for such a long time for these chillies! Wonder why it took them so long... ^^
Red Mint
^^ Red mint! ^^
^^ Parsley! ^^
Cucumber plant
^^ Before our cucumber plant turned into a big one... the first little flower! ^^
Cucumber plant
Cucumber plant
Chubby cucumbers!
^^ I took this photo of Andy back in June I think. His runner beans plant was very small! ^^
Very impressed!
^^ Beans for curry... Andy's face! :)) ^^Beer O' Clock!
After all that hard work, it's important to reward yourself! ;) 

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