A Few of My favourite Things! #4

11 September 2015

Ernest Alexander backpack // COS jumper
I'm a "rucksack" kind of person. I wish I could just carry a mini shoulder bag while out and about, but it's just more convenient and easier for me to move around with a rucksack; since I usually pack an umbrella (you never know when you're surprised by the British weather), my eye glasses (just in case my contact lenses pop out of my eyes!), sun glasses, a lipstick, a mini perfume, a heartwarming book, a notebook (for jotting down my scattered ideas), a pencil case (full of highlighters and nice pens), a scarf and sometimes my camera. So I need a lot of room for my unnecessary stuff! Imagine carrying all these things around London which involves lots of walking and hopping in and out of undergrounds; it's a workout in itself and a nice rucksack would make it a little bit easier!
In an instant, I fell in love with this bag (it might sound cheesy, but it's true!). The best thing about this rucksack is that it will even look better with age and it will be a wardrobe stable for years. Not to mention, I love that little pocket for keeping my train ticket; it's very handy in rush hours!  
A classic round-neck wool jumper is one my favourite items in my wardrobe. I got one last year and wore it a lot (at work, at pubs, at home, over my shirts, over my T-shirts, you name it!), until one gloomy day, I was shocked to find a teeny-weeny jumper among my washed clothes (have you  ever experienced anything like this before?! It's heartbreaking.. haha!). Can't wait to get a new one...
COS trousers // NEW BALANCE trainers
I'm a total sucker for loose-fit trousers and boyfriend jeans. I occasionally wear skinny jeans (if I'm in the mood), but being comfortable is one my main priorities when dressing up (as long as I don't look frumpy!). Pairing these trousers with the vintage inspired trainers from New Balance, I'll be ready to explore the city! 
Massimo Dutti scarf // Need Supply Co socks
One of the reasons that I impatiently wait for autumn and winter is wearing big woolly scarves. I have a soft spot for grey scarves (preferably warm shades of grey). 
Socks... I can go on and on about socks, because I'm addicted to them. Since I was little, I always loved wearing colourful socks. Still my love for them is going strong! Short, long, colourful, patterned, cotton, cashmere, oooh the list never ends! If you really don't enjoy wearing tights (like me!), then I think these over-the-knee socks go really well with casual dresses and skirts.
Need Supply Co hat // COS jumper
I don't wear hats at all, but I think I'd give it a try this season and see how I feel (and how I look!). I remember once I was trying lots of hats on (few years ago!) and my aunt told me that "Saba, hats really suit you! You should wear them when you move to London!" well, dear aunt, I think I'm going to listen to you! ;) I particularly like this wool felt hat with minimalist style. 
There's something dreamy about this jumper. I love it... no more words! 
Cubitts eye glasses // GreyHours watch
I love optical glasses (even more than sun glasses) and somehow I have developed an obsession with them, although I barely wear them (I feel a bit dizzy, due to constantly wearing contact lenses), but I still keep thinking about the different styles that I would like to have... and this GreyHours watch is just beautiful, isn't it?!
Sara Lashay Jewellery
My sister is a talented jewellery designer and I'm very lucky to be able to see all the hard work that goes into making Sara Lashay gorgeous jewellery. All delicately designed by Sara, I love all her beautiful jewellery and I simply couldn't fit all my favourites here. Tavoos earrings and Sublime bangle are definitely statement add-ons to your outfit for a touch of femininity. 
All Saints dresses
All Saints has a knack for designing awesome dresses (I think) and these two dresses are just very me. Flik Dress and Helle Soma Dress (I like the combination of bohemian vibes with military styling) are on my wish-list! 

Have a nice weekend everyone! xx

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