A Few of My (current) Favourite Facial Products.

16 September 2015

My favourite skincare products!
I have learned a lot about skincare over the past few years (through experimenting with lots of different products, not to mention, my savings shrinking along the way!). Now I'm quite chuffed with the products that I use on my face every day. Since a couple of years ago, my skincare routine has moved towards products containing natural ingredients. This is a combination of my go-to products which I've been sticking to for quite a long time. 

ONE: Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash is one the best cleansers I've ever used.  It's catered for a normal/combination skin type, so it gently cleanses and removes impurities without drying out my skin and it makes my complexion brighter and smoother (honestly!). 
TWO: Balancing Face Moisturiser gently calms and clears spots whilst balancing hydration levels to leave the skin tone perfectly even. I used to avoid moisturising my skin, always! I thought that it would make my skin look oily and would cause blemishes. Until I found this awesome product; it really works wonders!
THREE: Neal's Yard Purifying Palmarosa is a very lightweight easily-absorbed moisturiser and when I apply it on my face I can literally feel that my skin's been nourished and soothed. It is specially great during summertime when my skin tends to get dry less, so a little bit of this product helps balancing and hydrating my skin.
FOUR: Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask is my favourite product when my skin needs a bit of a boost and within minutes, my skin looks brighter and fresher (it gives that wonderful post-exercise kinda glow!).
FIVE: Neal's Yard Rose Formula Facial Mask exfoliates and encourages blood circulation on my face. Every time I apply this mask, it literally leaves my skin moisturised, fresh and smooth (not dry and tight like some other deep cleansing masks).

Have a nice Wednesday! It's quite gloomy and rainy here right now, oh well... 

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