A Few Lovely Shops I Found on Etsy! #1

18 September 2015

Etsy is one of my favourite online shopping spots, although I might spend hours rummaging through all the products and find absolutely nothing that catches my eye, but the trick is to keep looking and save my favourite items along the way. Then over the time I'd end up with a good batch of lovely handmade stuff and a great inspiration source when I need to buy a gift or treat myself. Here's a few of my favourites if you'd like to see!
^^ Adatine toys and accessories! ^^
^^ Adorable linen gift bags by Linohaze! ^^
^^ I LOVE these little houses by POAST! ^^
Melissa Maya Pottery
Room For Emptiness
^^ One of a kind hand painted teacup and milk jug by Room For Emptiness! ^^
Bronagh Kennedy Prints
^^ I really like these city maps by Bronagh Kennedy Prints! ^^
Yelena Bryksenkova
^^ Beautiful illustrations by Yelena Bryksenkova! ^^
^^ Wonderful everyday bags by Bookhoudesign! ^^
^^ Perfect overnight companions for a quick weekend getaway by AwlSnap! Simply gorgeous... ^^

I can not believe that it's already Friday (yes!)... Have a fab weekend! xx

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