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28 September 2015

My Superpower Is Being Alone Forever!
I just couldn't sleep last night; I thought I was hungry but couldn't figure out what I really wanted to munch on. 'Late night snacking' can be a real struggle (minor one) for me, because I don't want to eat anything "chubby" and at the same time I don't fancy anything healthy - like an apple or a small bowl of natural yoghurt - nah! So, instead I just started looking at Smitten Kitchen's delicious recipes - well probably not the best way to stave off my hunger, but I can get stupid when I'm peckish! :o)
Smitten Kitchen's writing style is just witty and very funny, very! So I'm always captivated by the blog and before I know it three hours have passed without me noticing! I also found out that one of Deb's (the blogger) favourite blogs is The Owl and out of curiosity (and late-night-boredom) I checked it out and found it so entertaining that I simply couldn't stop clicking on 'more stories' button. Totally hooked! Honestly, The Owl is a brilliantly funny blog and my night just turned into a massive reading session with lots of giggles along the way (and forgot about snacking too!).
Well, I really don't know what I'm trying to say right now (sorry!), but I think that a text message (well, to be exact, hundreds of messages popping up on my iPhone - nonstop!) which I received from my friend really sparked the idea of writing this blogpost; She said, "He was there at the party, but he totally ignored me... I mean what the heck?!" How awkward, I thought to myself... and you know what I replied?! Yep, unfortunately I typed in, "Lol!" followed by "No way!", you see, I can be a crap friend when it comes to (hypothetical) relationship advice (sigh!), but luckily my friend knows me too well - she knows that I'm NOT laughing out loud when I say 'lol' in these situations, but instead I'm secretly wishing to slap her in the face (for no obvious reason)!
So when I stumbled across My Superpower Is Being Alone Forever: Off The Market, all I could think of was my friend's countless 'relationship-related' stories and I thought "Hah! That's a very interesting point of view from Joe's perspective (the writer)!" and it really resonated with me and most probably it will resonate with my friend, you, your brother, your cousin and five billion others (the other 2 billion may not agree) and frankly, the main reason I kept on reading the article to the end was the first paragraph that said,
"Some people say they have no regrets. I regret things about this morning. (Also yesterday morning. Pretty much any morning). Show me a person with no regrets and I'll show you someone who hasn't considered all the possibilities. [...] By the time you've been through a few relationships, it's hard not to size up anyone you have feelings for as an ambassador of future regrets. Time misspent. Integrity diminished. Memories that follow you everywhere like Pac-Man ghosts."
Bitter sweet, really well expressed and heart-achingly true! Read the full article here. 
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Have a lovely Monday! xx

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