Sara's Short Visit To London!

31 August 2015

I've been really slack in blogging and recently I thought to myself "This is it, Saba! You either blog or you don't. Just make up your bloody mind! If you do, please keep up your pace so you don't have to explain your "lack of commitment to blogging" in every blogpost you write after a long break!" So after an "inspiring" chat with Andy (as usual), I made a decision to stick to blogging and stop torturing myself about what to blog about. I think being my authentic self is probably the best thing I can do for my blog ever. So to break the ice, I wrote a little bit about my sister's visit to London.
Sara came over for a few days last week. Since she doesn't like rainy weather, London surprised her with its extremely overcast days (typical British weather), but luckily we had a couple of hours of sunshine the last couple of days. I 'd thought that I would take her to art galleries and museums, little that I know that Sara had no interest in going to any art galleries. I really can't say that we "explored" lots of places in London (although I wish we had), but cooking delicious food, drinking great coffee, spreading Philadelphia cheese on homemade brioche from Borough Market (just so good not to include here), taking selfies, strolling around Greenwich Park, meeting Effie (our grumpy cat) for the first time and lots of sisterly chats made the time fly... a few photos from last week if you'd like to see!
It's been a while since I started sending Effie's pictures and videos to Sara and she absolutely fell in love with her. However, recently, Effie's been behaving extremely awkward; she has completely stopped coming into our flat and now demands to be fed outside. However, to my surprise, Effie showed some affection towards Sara and I couldn't stop laughing because I could sense that she was very polite out of good manners, but secretly wished that she could just hide under a tree.
Effie's not quite happy about the whole situation!
^^ Not sure if Effie was really enjoying this hug! That grumpy face... ^^
Effie's not quite happy about the whole situation!
Effie's little head pressing against my leg... too cute!
^^ Pressing her head against my leg was one of the cutest thing she'd ever done! ^^
Neighbour's cat!
^^ We came across this chubby fella! His raspy "meow" and those short legs of his... just too cute! ^^
Really feeling cozy in my big jumper!
Wearing my jumper on a slightly chilly afternoon, I think I'm secretly missing autumn! and thank you Sara for capturing this moment of coziness! :o) I just can't wait for woolly jumpers and scarves season... Yep, I'm a little bit mental, but I've never been a big fan of summer! 
Happily wearing Sara Lashay jewellery!
Sara brought her Sara Lashay jewellery and took pictures of me wearing them! We were always looking for a nice background, somehow we thought this brick wall was actually a good spot!
Happily wearing Sara Lashay jewellery!
Greenwich Park
We strolled around Greenwich Park and went to the The Flower Garden and although I just had 5% battery on my phone, we took pictures as quickly as we could. 
The Flower Garden in Greenwich Park!
The Flower Garden in Greenwich Park!
The Flower Garden in Greenwich Park!
Happily wearing Sara Lashay jewellery!
Busy busy London!
Strolling around Blackheath!
"Finally, you have some pictures of yourself, Saba!" Sara told me after going through my iPhone's photos. Well, thank you for taking these photos and can't wait to see you again! xx 

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