After a long break...

05 June 2015

Hello! Loooong time, no see! Finally, after a quite long pause on blogging, I'm back (I can hear a loud hooray in my head)! It was nice to have a little break, but then procrastination crept in and that "little break" turned into a big one (my life story). The only purpose of this blogpost is to break the ice, so I thought I'd share a few pictures of my mum's visit to London in April. I'm just happy right now that I managed to kick start my blog again... phew! and I can't wait to share my random stories again... 
My mum at Tate Modern!
Hither Green
Somewhere in Soho!
The Passenger
^^ We went to see The Passenger at Union Chapel. Little did we know that it was a solo show, but we absolutely loved it! ^^
Richmond Park
^^ The beautiful Richmond Park. ^^
Richmond Park
Richmond Hill
Tate Modern

Have a nice weekend! x

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