Rummaging Through My Photo Archive!

02 March 2015

Mister Finch
sometimes get into a very "re-organising" mood and today was one of those days that I wanted to tidy up everything. So I started off with my photo archive, you know, making files and naming them properly (to be honest I stopped after a couple of minutes). However, in those couple of minutes, I found some of my favourite photos... 
Mister Finch
Mister Finch
If you don't know about Mister Finch, you really have to check his work out! I absolutely love his enormous doll animals and I met him when he held an exhibition at Anthropologie on King's Road. Most of his pieces use recycled materials, not only as an ethical statement, but he believes that they add more authenticity and charm. Humanising animals with shoes and clothes is something that he's always done and he imagines them come alive at night... "Getting dressed and helping an elderly shoemaker or a tired housewife!" as he puts it. 
You Don't bring Me Flowers
^^ Sometimes even blurry photos are nice... and I love this blurry rainy day and our happy gnomes on the table... The little corner of our local coffee shop is just wonderfully mis-matched ! ^^
Sunday Roast // Tidy Home
^^ I'm the happiest when Andy cooks Sunday Roast... (also a tidy flat makes me cheery!) ^^
Greenwich Park // Family Time at The Union
^^ I miss summer so much! ^^
St. Paul's
Merchants Tavern
^^ Merchants Tavern is a great place to eat! ^^
Neighbour's Cat // Stranger's Dog
^^ Stretchiiiiing out... I love cats so freaking much (and huge dogs)! ^^
Nudie Jeans Co
This might not be my favourite photo but it's definitely my favourite shop in Soho; Nudie Jeans will gladly repair your well-loved jeans for free and if you no longer love them you can return them to Nudie Jeans for 20% off a new pair of jeans and they will repair and wash your pre-loved jeans that will be resold in their "redesigned and second hand" program. How awesome is that?! 
Soho Bikes
^^ This shop facade... love it! ^^
Burger Time at The Union
^^ Our go-to-burger place is The Union in Greenwich and we had a "burger fix" last weekend! ^^

Good night, folks! x

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