A Few of My Favourite Things! #3

27 March 2015

Feit // Steve Mono
Persol // Margaret Howell
Zara // Feit
COS // J & M Davidson
Church's // Massimo Dutti
Margaret Howell // Massimo Dutti
J & M Davidson // Kitmen Keung
J & M Davidson // All Saints
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I absolutely love (and enjoy) preparing "my favourite things" on my blog. I think it would be great to look everything over from time to time and see what I still like months later and what I have outgrown. Eventually it will give a better sense of myself and the things that are classic for me as opposed to things I like only in passing. I've also realised that I'm not too keen on bold and distracting patterns - a subtle approach (with a focus on comfort) is definitely more me (but who knows, my approach to patterns might change in future). I'm currently reading the book (on and off) "I Love Your Style" by Amanda Brooks. She reveals the style secrets of elegant women from all walks of life. Here's some of her tips on how to find your style.

* Make tear sheets: Read lots of magazines and books and tear out of things that resonate with you, whether they are whole outfits or just appealing colour combinations, beautiful textiles, scenes that evoke a certain era or feeling, or anything at all that you think you want express with your clothes.

* Constantly ask yourself questions: What proportions flatter you? What fabrics and colours do you love? What pieces in your closet do you come back to again and again?

* Write down your style history: Which style memories make you happy and which you want to run a mile away? Reflect on your life and take note of the things that have influenced you most.

* Try a lot of looks: Experiment. When shopping, always try a lot of things on. Even the things that don't look good will educate you about what works and what doesn't.

* Find your style icons and inspiration: Find inspiration outside of fashion. Museum shows, movies, travel and personal experience all inspire fashion designers as they develop their collections. Why shouldn't they inspire you, too?

And finally, make an effort, style will not appear in your life on its own!

Have a wonderful weekend folks! x

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