Valentine's Day... Who and What Do You Love?

14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day
Honestly, I'm not really into Valentine's Day, you know, getting all lovey-dovey and wearing a red jumpber (I still wear my red lipstick). This year I decided to take a different approach to Valentine's Day unlike the past years when I didn't really fuss about it. I thought maybe I'd just really think about all the people and things that I love and appreciate (I take things for granted, sometimes, I mean who doesn't, huh?!). Since I had lots of chocolates and coffee yesterday, I was quite high on sugar and literally couldn't sleep, so it was the perfect time to think about my Valentine's resolution, as you may call it. So, here's a glimpse into my thoughts last night (this may come off really cheesy, but sometimes I feel like cheese!).
* I love Andy, because he's my best friend and he loves me for me (all my grumpiness, madness and occasional kindness). We're a little family. * I love my mum and dad, because they're always there for me. * I love my sister + brother-in-law, because they make me laugh (sometimes... Just kidding!). * I love my friends, because I don't see them much (hah!). * I love London, even on the days that I say I don't. * I love snacking, because life would be so boring without food (but I can still live on chocolate every single day). I love taking naps, because I think I was a cat in the previous life (the list can go on and on). It's the little moments that make each ordinary day a little bit more special, you know, your lover's proud smile after whipping up an awesome dinner, your mum's voice on the phone, your dad's Viber messages, and the purring of a sleepy cat on your lap, all the simple things that we take for granted. I hope you're loving everyone and everything around you, too.
P.S. Andy and I spent our Valentine's Day in our PJ's, he cooked Coq Au Vin (he's a real expert), popped a bottle of Champagne, watched "The Wolf of Wall Street" (how romantic, haha), grazed on chocolates and just snuggled up on the sofa with Effie (our neighbour's cat who is a frequent visitor now, and yes I'm so happy about this).
Happy Valentine's Day! xx

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