The Society of Wood Engravers!

09 February 2015

Simon Brett // Francois Marechal
I don't know about you, but it can be difficult to stay inspired and motivated this time of year. It's bloody cold outside and it gets dark early which makes me think every single day, "where the day has gone?!". I always feel that I'm short of time and I'm literally in a constant rush to get things done. I know, I haven't got used to short winter days yet. Just the thought of putting all those thick woolly layers on puts me off going outside, let alone wandering around the freezing cold city to feed my creativity. But on Friday, I felt that I just needed to go somewhere. I strolled down along the South Bank (it was so windy that I hardly could keep my eyes open) and stumbled upon Bankside Gallery (the gallery of the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers). I'd never been to this gallery so I thought I'd just pop in and have a brief look (maybe it would be a great source of inspiration for my hibernating mind). The Society of Wood Engravers exhibition was on which was very interesting. I lingered for a while in the gallery, totally absorbed in the intricate detail of each print. The exhibition is on until 22nd of February. It's worth a visit!
Anne Hayward
Michail Konovalov
Leoni Bradley
John Bryce
George Tute
Jim Westergard // Christ Daunt
Have a wonderful Monday! xx

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