One Sleepy Cat!

17 February 2015

This is Effie
I'm a cat person. I'm crazy about cats' paddy paws, fluffy bellies, bum wiggle, purring and random bites (and their independence). Since we moved to London, Andy and I have been talking about getting a cat and this is literally how our conversation goes, "Oh, tabby colour! Super cute. Let's get this one.", "Yeah, let's do it! But, first we need a cat basket!" That's it. End of conversation and this "let's get a cat" thing has been going on for a good few months. I don't know, probably we both can't be bothered to buy a cat basket (hmm... definitely), I mean how difficult it can be to order one from Amazon?! But we've been lucky, our neighbour's cat (we don't know which neighbour) has been visiting us on and off since last year and we've named her Effie (it's inspired by our street). Effie's always sleepy (I've seen her falling asleep while sitting in the kitchen, so cute); she usually wants "attention" when snoozing (a belly-rub would be sufficient) and purrs a lot! And... when I'm coming home from work, I jingle my keys and she runs towards me on the street and walks with me to the door (a little bit of dog-ness, hah!). 
She Loves Napping
Her Favourite Spot
^^ Just recently she found out about this chair. She loves it! ^^
She Loves Sleeping On Andy's Lap
^^ Sometimes she is a bit adventurous. And that "you just woke me up" look is my favourite! ^^
Snoozing Again
^^ She's tried sleeping on all the surfaces! ^^
Sleepy Cat

Have a wonderful Tuesday night! xx

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