Neal's Yard, Wild Food Café and MOJO!

12 February 2015

Wild Food Cafe
Tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, Neil's Yard (a secret garden) is a perfect place to grab a bite and sit on the bench munching on your fabulous lunch (in summer, of course). The vibrant colours of the doors and windows and the quietness really make Neil's Yard a magical spot and my number one place to go when I need a break smoothie and there isn't a better place out there than Wild Food Café which has the best smoothies! Although, the food is served in a totally quirky setting (you know, when you have to sit at a dining table with another six people, avoiding eye-contact or just scrolling down your Instagram, unless you go with a friend), I absolutely love this place and I must say the "Incredible Green" smoothie is just heavenly delicious; it contains apple, celery, lemon, banana, kale, fresh coconut, fresh aloe vera and fresh Irish moss topped with beautiful edible flowers, too. It's literally a nutrition shock to your system and you'll be bursting with energy all day. I'm looking forward to trying the main courses, especially the raw pizza and veggie burger. You can check their menu here. 
Neil's Yard // Incredible Green Smoothie
MOJO // Work It Out Smoothie
Since I'm on the subject of "smoothie", MOJO Juice Bar and Café in Soho is also one of the places that has the most irresistibly delicious smoothies, snacks and healthy food. This is the Work It Out smoothie and it contains berries, avocado, almond milk and butter, maca, hemp, protein, salt, cinnamon and coconut water (yes I know, it's a long list, but every single ingredient is good you!). I always get a great kick out of drinking smoothies and I think maybe it's time to invest in a good smoothie maker to make my own (I doubt it though, I'm too lazy). Deliciously Ella has lots of recipes for healthy smoothies.  (I've lost count on how many times I used the word smoothie! hah!)

"Join The Tribe, Nourish Yourself." 

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