My Newfound Favourite Blogs + Blogging Tips. (part II)

23 February 2015

Recently, I stumbled upon the three coolest blogs and I'm so happy that I found them because, Elaine from XOMISSE did an incredible job on redesigning my blog, The Private Life of a Girl's post on Directionless really inspired me (Sophie's an inspiring blogger - I absolutely love her short/motivating blogposts) and I just fell in love with Our Food Stories recipes and stunning food photography. If you're into blogging, creative lifestyle and awesome food, you'll definitely enjoy these blogs, too. Find out about my other favourite blogs here.
The Private Life of a Girl
Our Food Stories
* XOMISSE: Elaine is a web designer and front-end developer specialising in Blogger and Wordpress. She loves working with passionate creatives from all over the world and provides free design tutorials and blogging tips on how to customise your site, improve your traffic and visibility online. 

* The Private Life of a Girl: Sophie is a designer-maker living in Birmingham. She runs her own business from a little studio, creating minimal handmade jewellery for Oh My Clumsy Heart. This is a blog about creative lifestyle with huge focus on creativity and small business /blogging advice. Her blogging tips: * Develop your own authentic style. * Be consistent. * Keep it simple. * Discover and develop. * Read outside your blog niche for fresh opinions. * Experiment, express, inspire and share.

* Our Food Stories: Laura (photographer) and Nora (food stylist) share a lot of delicious recipes (gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan) on their blog. Their food photography is just beautiful. 

Happy Blogging! xx

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