Smoothies, Berries, Wild Game Pie and Other Summertime Goodies!

04 August 2014

Borough Market
Borough Market in summer is just glorious; there's nowhere quite like it in London. I'm the happiest foodie when I'm there and I always bring home a big ole' batch of fruits and some chocolaty treats. Not forgetting all the little cheese and chutney samples that you can try; a great place to satisfy all your cravings. There's such a lovely atmosphere, I find it really uplifting; although at lunchtime it's packed with people, but everyone seems to be in a good mood, happily munching on their burgers and pastries and drinking cool beers under the sun. I usually grab a cup of Latte and a couple of chocolate truffles from the Monmouth Coffee and sit on the bench outside watching the world go by. It's just nice to see the British summer in its full glory. 
A few photos from my wander around the Borough Market, if you'd like to see...
My Favourite Place
^^My favourite smoothie at Borough Market is "High Kick". The ingredients are kiwi, pine apple, strawberry, banana, spirulina, linseed, apple and orange juice. Lots of goodness in a cup!^^
^^I love Cinnamon Tree Bakery oat biscuits! ^^
Wild Game Pie
Booja Booja
^^One of our weekend's staples is the wild game pie. So easy to cook and it tastes SO good. For a cheeky treat, Booja Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate ice cream is just heaven in a cup!^^

I feel that summer is really flying by... The days are getting shorter already and the infamous London winds are sneaking in at night! I must admit that I whinge quite a lot about the sticky warm weather. I miss wearing jumpers and ear muffs, but eating dinner out in our garden is just wonderful! 

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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