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06 August 2014

The Importance of Being Earnest
Andy and I decided to spend our summer holiday in London and check out new places to eat and explore our mad city. Going to theatres was on our holiday activity list. So we went to the Harold Pinter Theatre to see "The Importance of Being Earnest" - such a fabulous play, although I didn't really get the first half and the chap sitting next to me was giggling at every bit, making me feel like a dullard! I felt like taking a nap even though everyone else seemed to be thoroughly entertained. But the second half was brilliant! I felt like I suddenly understood all the complicated yet funny conversations. Furthermore I realised that the "charming" actor playing Algernon was Nigel Havers (hmm...)! It was a great night and a wonderful experience to see Oscar Wilde's wit in action!
On Tuesday, we went to Tate Modern to check out a couple of exhibitions. Andy was super excited since he got his membership and wanted to use it as soon as possible. We saw Matisse and Malevich which I thought were different and interesting. Then we strolled down to St. Paul's Cathedral thinking "why not have a cheeky look inside?!". St. Paul's was breathtakingly beautiful. I couldn't resist not taking any pictures (sneakily), since it's not allowed to take any photos so don't take your big camera over there. We went to the Stone Gallery and saw the most amazing views of London. There were another 300 steps up to the Golden Gallery, unfortunately I got jelly legs after ten steps so I went back down. Andy, however went to the very top!
Afterwards, we went to the Crypt where Christopher Wren, Wellington and Nelson's tombs were located. Very impressive! We felt like total tourists; all we needed were a couple of bumbags and a London map! We came back home, made G'n'T and just chilled out in the garden, thinking where to go next! Here are some photos (edited with vsco App) of our day out, if you'd like to see...
Tate Modern
Tate Modern
Matisse // Cut Outs
Walking To St. Paul's
The City
St.Paul's Cathedral
St.Paul's Cathedral
St.Paul's Cathedral
The Stone Gallery View
The Stone Gallery View
The Stone Gallery View
The Stone Gallery View
Monmouth Coffee
^^I took Andy to try out Monmouth's coffee - he loved it!^^
Greenwich Market
^^I managed to take two pictures of Greenwich Market before I was told off!^^Home
^^We fell in love with this re-purposed apple crate at Greenwich Market!^^
Pigs in Blanket // The Union
^^These pigs in blanket were SO good!^^
Pigging Out
^^Andy makes the best G'n'T and cheese sandwiches!^^
Selfie Time
^^We like taking selfies...sometimes!^^

Have a wonderful Wednesday! xx

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