Creatures of habit.

31 July 2014

Andy and I love walking to Blackheath most of our weekends. It's the best way to avoid the busy central London and spend some quality time in a more chilled out part of the city. There's a leafy road with beautiful houses which I call "The Magical Houses" that leads to Blackheath Village and that's my favourite part of our walking route. Sometimes we pop into The Princess of Wales for a couple of pints or Sunday Roast.
Last Saturday, for a change, we decided to go to The Union in Greenwich. We sat outside the pub, stuffed ourselves with burgers (they were amazing, especially the chips; I keep day-dreaming about them!) and pretended that we were on holiday (we chatted about what we were going to do on our actual holiday which is just around the corner!). Afterwards, we walked down to Clock Tower Market; always lovely to see the vintage knick-knacks there, it's just a really cool place to explore. Then we strolled around the Old Royal Navy College as we usually do whenever we're in Greenwich, it has become a ritual I guess. Here are some iPhone photos from our trip in lovely South East London!  Greenwich Park
Beer O' Clock
^^Andy is super content with his Meantime Pilsner!^^
The Painted Hall
^^The Painted Hall at the Old Royal Navy College.^^
This picture is irrelevant, but I found some frozen berries in our freezer which I'd forgotten that Andy had picked them a few weeks ago! What I love about this photo is that Andy didn't believe me that these berries were edible until he tried them once and couldn't resist not picking them! Now we have a big batch of them to be turned into a tart! By the way, can you spot the kitten in this picture?! :P

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