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10 April 2014

February and March flew by fast and I've been meaning to write a blog post since January and finally here I am (Hello April!). One of the biggest challenges I find when it comes to achieving goals is actually sticking at them and one of my New Year's resolutions was to write a blog post every week and I've been beating myself up because I didn't stick to it and the only culprit was procrastination. Then I found a quick solution; "Get Things Done" by Robert Kelsey. Seriously, this book really works! 
Andy and I spent most of February at home; cooking and watching TV. It was too cold and windy to go out. Then March arrived and it seemed to be much nicer, warmer and more spring-like. We marked the end of March with Andy's birthday. He took a couple of days off, so we could spend some time rummaging around the city. So this is a little warm-up post for me to break my winter "writing hiatus"! So far, I've been loving April; blossoms everywhere and the trees are getting green! Can't wait to start growing vegetables in our garden! 
^^My new favourite place; B-Street Deli on Bermondsey Street. This new fine food delicatessen is packed with superb produce and is on its way to become a well known foodie street. ^^
^^My first time at the theatre in London. It was pretty awesome and hilarious ! ^^
^^Got our Niark1's screen prints framed and bought these two dinosaurs (Meredith and Simon!) from our neighbour's kids!^^ 
^^A bit messy but lovely frame shop in Blackheath!^^
^^In love with our friends' chairs and cat!^^
^^Not too keen on being photographed! ;)^^
^^Literally baking Karlie's Kookies every week. They are full of goodness; perfect for gloomy days!^^
^^Our new friend having a snooze in our garden! Hello Mr.Fox!^^

Have a great Thursday! :)

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