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06 December 2013

Yesterday I went on a mini Christmas shopping adventure (thanks to my fluffy earmuffs keeping me all warm and cosy!). I found myself in a hectic Christmas shopping scene, but I got some ideas of what I was going to buy (probably way too many!). I bought two tiny gifts which I gave to Andy, because I was too impatient to wait until Christmas day. So they didn't count as actual Christmas gifts; "Pre-Christmas Pressies" I call them. 
I've been to London at Christmas time a couple of times before, but this time is different. Now that I'm actually living here, it's just so different to what you see or feel at Christmas time as a tourist. It's wonderful to experience the atmosphere and buzz of the streets at this time of year. All things are bright and beautiful, twinkling lights, lush garlands and sparkling ornaments all making a gloomy London much warmer and inviting. One of my favourite stores is Liberty. It's adorned with beautiful lights and decorated with real Christmas trees. There are baubles and wreaths in every imaginable colour and style. I could easily spend hours at Liberty; honestly, time flies there! 
Anthropologie is also a great store filled with inspirational gifts, from home ware to linens and from fashion to fragrances. I took a lot of pictures there, because it was all just so captivating. I literally want all the gorgeous cups, linens, hats and dresses every time I go there. Hello, Santa?! Can you hear me? Are you wearing my earmuffs again?! [silence!] hmm...yup, I think he is!
These photos are iPhone shots and edited with the vsco cam app
^^Booja Booja is the best chocolate truffle I've ever tasted. The raspberry tang hits you in the first bite then the raw cacao lifts your spirits and taste buds simultaneously. Scrumptious! Oh and Booja Booja 's multi award winning hunky punky chocolate ice cream is amazingly delicious alternative to dairy ice cream.  It's luxuriously rich, smooth and made of 100% raw cacao. Love you loads, Booja Booja!^^
^^How cute is this car?! Dear Santa...well, I have to get my driving licence first! I know...I know! But at least you know what colour I like most [hint!].^^
^^I stopped by La Gelatiera to have a cup of coffee and a little star-like treat. This little ice cream/coffee shop is just amazing! I wrote a little blogpost about it few months back.^^
Although I really enjoyed my day out and about, but at the end I just couldn't wait to get back home, put the kettle on and curl up on the sofa. Oh and turn my Christmas tree's lights on. Am I going on about my Christmas tree a lot?! Sorry about that, but I just LOVE Christmas trees. 
P.S. I took these selfies making sure nobody saw me smiling at my phone like a clown! :o) 

Merry Christmas! xxx

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