Memories of Sheffield.

16 December 2013

Last night, I was going through my photo archive and I found some cool pictures of Sheffield which I took with my iPhone. Looking at those pictures really made me miss Steel city. Living a short period of time (six months, to be exact) in Sheffield had a long lasting effect in my life. After living eight years in sunny Dubai, I found it difficult to move to Sheffield where it was totally new to me. For me it was plunging straight into the unknown. But after settling down a bit (Andy & I found a really nice flat right next to the river with awesome ducks which we used to feed from our window!), little by little I got my bearings, found my favourite little coffee shop and a great little pub called The Fat Cat with awesome homemade food and a super beautiful beer garden. I feel so lucky that I had the chance to meet some awesome (and super kind) people and to my surprise found out that they loved playing backgammon! Here are some of the pictures I took while I was exploring and rummaging around in the city.
^^I was standing right next to the stage, watching Alt-J and was totally lost in music. I think they were playing "Matilda" when I took this picture, and few days after their gig, they were on the front page of the Exposed Magazine and they became so well known that it was literally impossible to get a ticket to their concerts for the next year. If only I'd known they'd quickly become super famous I'd have listened a bit more carefully!^^
^^Flat 14, you were awesome, although you had some spiders hanging around your windows but Andy managed them kindly! Oh and our neighbour's super cool car always made me smile whenever I looked at it!^^
^^Our favourite dish at home was chicken stir-fry. Literally every other night; tasty and easy!^^
^^I spent a lot of my time on drawing and making greeting cards.^^
^^If I go back to Sheffield the first place that I would go to is The Fat Cat.^^
^^The very first time I saw The Fontana Instincts. I fell in love with their music and listened to their songs non stop the whole time I was living in Sheffield.^^
^^The Fontana Instincts were just awesome at the Tramlines Festival.^^
^^Bungalows and Bear on Division Street had the best burger and fries!^^
I know that if I go back to Sheffield for a visit, It would bring back all the good memories and I would just go crazy eating all the delicious pork pies! 
Hope to see you soon, Sheffield. xx

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