First of December.

02 December 2013

Hello! Hope you had a great weekend. We certainly did. Andy and I started our Sunday with a super duper breakfast. When it comes to breakfast, I'm the lazy one. I literally have banana porridge topped with honey and flaxseed every single day. But on Sundays, Andy does all the prepping and cooking while I'm sitting on the sofa sipping at my coffee. I love the moment when he comes out of the kitchen with a big smile on his face and a special weekend breakfast! This weekend it was smoked salmon on scrambled eggs on toast.  I'm so lucky that he loves to cook!
After breakfast, we decided to do a few of our favourite things, such as walking to Blackheath, rummaging around in shops, Andy getting his hair cut (his favourite thing to do!) and getting a decent Sunday Roast in a pub. We were planning on heading into the West End to do our Christmas shopping, but the thought of being squished amongst hundreds of tourists and shoppers in Covent Garden just didn't appeal. So we hid out in our favourite pub instead. 
My ideal weekend doesn't involve using train or underground. For me strolling in a park or eating a great Sunday Roast at a cosy local pub with friends is a much better way to spend the Sunday afternoon. Below are a few photos from our day together.
^^All the way to Blackheath, Andy was telling me about how awesome Parka coats are. We talked about other things as well, but mostly the conversation ended up about Parka coats. Here are some of the reasons why you have to get a Parka coat according to Andy:^^
1. It's a winter coat for life.
2. It's like wearing your duvet outside.
3. You don't need a scarf or hat.
4. Forget about layers, you can get away with wearing just a T-Shirt under the Parka.
5. The wired hood allows the wearer maximum adjustability in protecting their head from the elements.
^^I popped into Black Vanilla Café in Blackheath Village to grab a cup of coffee while Andy was getting his hair fixed. Black Vanilla only uses the freshest fruits and finest ingredients in their delicious ice creams and lovely sorbets. Their flavours change on a daily basis to reflect seasonal variations.^^
^^Blackheath Village is a lovely place to hang around. Full of random shops, cool little cafés, florists, pubs and even has a butcher's shop!^^
^^Here we are at BONDS gentlemen barbers; still waiting!^^
^^Do you notice any difference?! there are two things that Andy's happy about; his Parka coat and the haircut!^^
^^Up on the heath.^^
^^Blackheath's most scrumptious pub; The Princess of Wales. A great atmosphere, super cosy, wood burning fireplace, candles, rustic wood floors and crazy good Sunday Roast. It was a bit dark inside to take any pictures.^^
^^After we stuffed ourselves with Sunday Roast and Warm chocolate brownie topped with Vanilla ice- cream, we walked back home to put our Christmas tree up.^^
I love having a Christmas tree in our living room. It's just wonderful to look at the sparkly lights and all the tiny ornaments. Can't wait to see Santa's presents piling up underneath the tree. :) 

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