A day out with a good friend.

10 December 2013

On Friday, Roshi and I went on a little trip to the BBC. It was interesting to see what was going on inside the building; LOTS of people there. I'd never seen so many people in one place! I saw a couple of women reporting news. Live! I could never be a reporter; I would just burst out laughing. The only "not serious" looking people in the building were me and Roshi. I just couldn't stop smiling; I found the whole experience amusing! Apparently, Natalie Portman was at the BBC few weeks ago. But we didn't see anyone famous. [Sigh...]
After, we decided to stroll down Regent Street and hang around in shops and get into the Christmas spirit. To me it's simply about:
* Avoiding Oxford Street at all costs! 
* Looking at all the Christmas trees and sparkling decorations like you've never seen anything like those before (feeling like a kid again!).
* Wearing more hats and mittens (preferably in red!).
* Wearing Christmassy jumpers (Honestly, don't you like it when you see a guy (or a girl!) wearing a jumper with a head of a reindeer sticking out of it?! I saw one on Oxford Street and it really filled me with cheer. Believe me it works!)
* Eating more chocolates, cakes, Christmas pudding and mince pies (oh I'm crazy about mince pies, I could literally eat them all year long for breakfast, lunch and dinner!). Whole Foods Market has awesome ones made with really fresh and organic ingredients. Tasty! 
* Listening to Christmas songs (It really warms the heart!) while you are carefully putting your glittery baubles and fairy lights on your Christmas tree.
* And last but not least, telling the people who make a difference in your life how much you love them. (and at this time of year, buying them nice presents!) 
* Writing down your wish list for Christmas presents (even dropping hints counts!).
* Looking into shop windows really puts you into the Christmas spirit as well. Harrods, Harvey Nicks and Hackett are some of my favourites. I just want to get into the window and hang in there until New Year's Eve! 
* Drinking Champagne always lifts your spirits.  
** I could add to the list forever, but I don't want to over do it! 
Ok, back to my Friday; Roshi and I talked about almost everything, popping in and out of shops, she lost so many things (well only three things!) on the way and found them all again which meant going back and forth on Regent Street! But I love walking with a friend in London's super busy streets. It makes a whole world of difference and time flies when you're having a good time! 
I forgot to take my camera with me, so these photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with vsco cam app
^^Hackett, the finest British brand, with an impeccable Christmas window overlooking Regent St.^^
^^Trying on hats; all girls love trying five to fifteen hats on without getting tired!^^
Thank you Roshi for taking me on a tour to the BBC and walking for hours and listening to my stories! I really enjoyed our time in shops and caf├ęs. You also got me hooked on some really great French music which I'm listening to non stop since Friday. 
P.S. London, I love you whether you are freezing cold or just gloomy with a bit of sun trying to get its rays through the clouds. You have more to offer than I could possibly imagine. Your good things overshadow all your "not so good" things. You are filled with energy and inject that energy into me (specially into my feet, because I feel like I've got "London Pace" now!). You are just a great place to explore and never fail to inspire.

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