LUSH - happy people making happy soap!

23 November 2013

It's been a LONG time since I wrote my last blog entry (ouch!). I would say procrastination was the main culprit. But sometimes something clicks in your head that kickstarts your motivation to do that thing which you were putting off for a long time (in my case; blogging!). 
So to break the ice, here's one of my favourite shops in London, Lush! Just like a good quality coffee shop where the amazing aroma of coffee beans draws you in, Lush has a heavenly sweet scent that grabs your attention. At first glance, it looks more like a candy or ice cream shop, but it's a little paradise for those who are obsessed with fresh handmade cosmetics and toiletries. One of my favourite products is Karma Komba shampoo bar; you just rub the soap on your hair and it makes lots of foam and bubbles! This little magic soap is going to last you up to 3 months!
These photos are from King's Road's branch where they have a quirky treatment room for fabulous Spa treatments as well. One of their new Lush Spa treatments is "The Comforter" which is a hot chocolate scrub! This treatment is designed to remind you not to take life too seriously and always find time to laugh (That sounds great!). You can read more about this treatment here. From full body massages to beautifying facials, Lush offers treatments to suit everyone. So go and treat yourself at Lush! :)
Have a sweet weekend! :)

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