What's your "Pick Me Up" drink?!

11 June 2013

Everyone has some kind of "Pick Me Up" food or drink when they're feeling down or just need a buzz in the morning or at 3:00 P.M when you're yearning to take a nap or something. My "Pick Me Up" drink is definitely hot chocolate served in a nice mug on a gloomy day! 
Walking down The Strand I stumbled upon Whittard store and nothing grabs my attention more than hot chocolate, tea and coffee in gorgeous packaging. So I went straight into the shop and was bombarded with lots of options for hot chocolate flavours (18 unique flavours!), fine blended teas, fruit infusions and any kind of coffee you could imagine. When I have so many options to choose from, I usually go for the classics. So I bought the "Luxury Hot Chocolate" and it was rich and silky smooth. I also enjoy a cup of tea while snuggling up on sofa with a good book. (I'm reading The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford at the moment!) Although drinking tea is not my Pick Me Up drink, it is my "Feel Good" drink. Whittard has over 130 varieties of teas and fruit infusions. My favourite is Acai and Goji Berry fruit infusion which is a blend of tangy mouth-watering Acai and Goji berries. Yum!
At Whittard, you can taste as much hot chocolate, coffee and tea as you want and even make your own personal blends. You can also create a bespoke labels. Perfect for an unusual gift! Here's some of the wonderful products from Whittard.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Fabulous! I wish there was a Whittards near me, what a wonderful collection of delicious treats.

    1. I hope that they open up a store close to you ! :)