Wandering around Borough Market!

09 June 2013

Borough Market is one of my favourite places in London & I could easily spend few hours to go through each stall. The tastes, aromas, textures, colours are just wonderful and the food packaging is beautifully decorated. Everything is made from scratch and just as you would make it at home. It's also filled with great cheese from the UK and Europe which makes it a great place for cheese lovers!
I woke up at 7.30 A.M (quite happily) on Saturday to rummage around in the market and try the food samples (my favourite part of market; lots and lots of food samples to try). I arrived around 8.30 which was great, because not many people were there yet, so I wasn't sandwiched between people (it gets really packed and it can be annoying!). The traders were setting up their stalls, putting all the rich chocolate brownies, handmade cakes, pastries, breads, and all the mouth-watering foods out there and the smell  of coffee beans had filled the atmosphere. 
One of my favourite stalls is Sillfield Farm. They sell air-dried hams and bacon, freshly baked pies and Westmoreland cheeses. Their Game Pie is the best and is often my Friday night dinner! Pâté Moi is one of the stalls that sells quite unique produce. It has handmade organic mushroom paté which is a secret family recipe from just-picked in-season wild mushrooms. They serve the samples on toast at their stall and it's super tasty! 
There are so many great stalls for sweet-toothed people like me, but I try not to mill around these stalls a lot  otherwise I would buy all the cakes and biscuits. But I always treat myself at Cinnamon Tree Bakery stall with their shortbread owls and hand-made cinnamon biscuits. At about 9.30 A.M this place gets so busy that you can't even move! So I managed to see most of the stalls and avoid the crowd! Here's some of the wonderful produce from Borough Market.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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