Some high voltage doses of colour at Anthropologie!

13 June 2013

King's Road has a lot to offer and is the World's End for the most interesting shops and meandering around its beautiful leafy residential streets is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Anthropologie (First opened in Wayne, Pennsylvania, 1992.) is one my favourite shops on King's Road and I could literally pitch a tent in the shop and stay there for days! I usually go to Anthropologie when I need a creative boost or design inspiration to inject into my own work and it never fails to boost my creative juices!
The colour combinations, textures, clever details, one-of-a-kind products and lovely worn floorboards (my favourite type of flooring!) are utterly charming and there isn't a spare corner left in this shop. Every possible surface is packed with china, cutlery, books, tea towels, fabric; you name it! It's just a fascinating shopping experience that makes you feel beautiful, hopeful and connected. If your taste in home-ware tends towards minimalism, then step away from this shop. But if you love colour, pattern and vibrancy, come on in! A word of caution; it will be hard to leave empty-handed! :)
^^Mark herbs with a strike of colour with these petite hammers crafted from mango wood.^^
^^GRACE  is on my wish list.^^
^^Add a hint of colour to your cupboards with these beautifully hand-painted ceramic knobs!^^
"Come to escape and to connect, to spend time and to make time." - Anthropologie

For their stores locations, please visit here.
To view their catalogue, click here.

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