Hither Green and some of its doors...

06 June 2013

When the weather is warm and sunny I feel obliged to go out and do something. So I thought I would just wander around Hither Green and explore some of its streets. If you tell someone in London that you live in Hither Green, they will probably ask you,"where?!" most people don't know where Hither Green is, but that doesn't make it any less interesting. There's something about Hither Green that I just can't put my finger on, but I love it and all the little quirky shops and caf├ęs there. 
What really fascinates me is the colours that people choose for their front doors, and some of them are just beautiful and make you want to grab a bucket of paint and start painting your own. These colours just make a gloomy day much brighter and a liiiittle bit less depressing! (I think!)
^^Just found a heart!^^
^^Hard to read "Manor Lane" sign!^^

^^Somebody loves white!^^
^^Mountsfield park.^^
Have a wonderful day ! :)


  1. A stroll around the streets of Hither Green on a sunny day is always good for the soul. Chalcroft road is my personal favourite!