From The Rabot Estate to Southbank.

30 June 2013

It was so gloomy and sticky in London last week that nothing seemed to bring a smile to my face. The only thing that I was really looking forward to was seeing Sara (My sister!) at Paddington on Thursday and to start our little adventure out and about in London. But I had one more day to go until Thursday and I had to spend it in a "not so grumpy" way!
So I thought maybe a visit to The Rabot Estate would be a good idea. They have the best hot chocolate; super rich and silky smooth and it's actually called "drinking chocolate". I ordered one, sipping at it and thinking maybe it was actually not a good idea to order one in such warm sticky weather! Oh well, who can resist a hot chocolate?! Definitely not me! 
After my little treat I took a stroll along the Southbank and came across a curious guy sitting right next to Thames playing Guitar and singing. He was definitely the highlight of my day cheering me up no end! Here are some of the photos from Southbank and also a video of the guy singing. All he needed was a bit of sunshine!
P.S. I can't believe that my sister is back to Germany now and I'm already missing her so much. We had a fabulous time together!  Time flies... 
^^These dark chocolates are just premium.^^
^^Yes, I did. Thank you!^^
^^Some cool designer shops.^^
^^The book market tucked under the Waterloo Bridge is one of the only outdoor second-hand and antique book markets in Southern England.^^

Have a wonderful weekend!

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