A blooming good time at The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers!

17 June 2013

On Friday, I spent the morning out and about in Covent Garden and I came across The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers in St. Martin's Courtyard - a hidden flower shop/academy in the heart of Covent Garden and away from the hustle and bustle of the high street. As I popped in the shop, I had instantly a smile of content on my face and was fascinated with the whole atmosphere. Vibrant colours, wonderful candles, stunning bouquets and super nice staff all in one place.  Downstairs, there was a workshop which offered various florists courses in flower design as an art form. 
While I was waiting for a permission to take photos, I saw a customer who was in a floral vintage dress and a crochet knit floppy hat, quite a posh lady, going on about how lovely the shop was! At that moment, I just wanted to take a picture of her, because she really complemented the whole look of the shop; vibrancy, delicacy and delightful style
If you're in London, have a rummage in this shop for sure (It will brighten up your day!), perhaps have a bite at Jamie's Italian and grab a nice cup of coffee from Bill's! All the good things next to each other and a few hours are gone before you know it; in a wonderful way! :)
Have a wonderful Monday!

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